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This Guide will help you learn the basic American Sign Language Alphabet. Since the alphabet is used to spell out words. It is only a starting point to understand the power of gesture for communication. Sign Language is an intricate combination of hand movements, body language and facial expression. There are numerous types of Sign Languages throughout the world. Many gestures and expressions are universally recognizable across International and cultural boundaries. We hope that you will find these links both enjoyable and educational!  
Sign Language Resources
Have Fun and Please Check Back Soon for actual signs of words as we expand our service!
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  • A Basic Guide to ASL - Created to help you more easily communicate with people who cannot hear. This resource is the first American Sign Language Dictionary made available to Internet users. It combines text, graphics, and animations to provide word definitions for many common terms.
  • American Sign Language - Online ASL Dictionary is a graphic dictionary of American Sign Language on the Internet. ASL, a native and legitimate sign language, is used by Deaf people in Canada and United States. It is as natural as any spoken languages. Online ASL Dictionary is provided free for anyone to learn to communicate with Deaf people.
  • American Sign Language Products - ASL (American Sign Language) products for people involved in Deaf Education, American Sign Language, Interpreters and those interested in the Deaf Community and Culture. Products include jewelry, posters, T-shirts, canvas bags, Sign It board game and more.
  • Animated ASL Dictionary - Animated American Sign Language Dictionary.
  • ASL Browser - No description
  • German Sign Language Dictionary on Psychological Terms - Uses QuickTime and digitized video.
  • Sutton's ASL Picture Dictionary - No description

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  • 4DeafCommunity - Discover the wonderful world of American Sign Language and the people in the deaf community by exploring the National Association of the Deaf.
  • A Fun Video for Anyone to Learn ASL - Engaging TV show-format sign language instruction video, starring Deaf actor Anthony Natale (Mr. Holland's Opus, Jerry Maguire, Ellen), that teaches over 300 word signs in ASL.
  • Douglas Dunn ASL Interpreter - Interpreting and sign-language page for Douglas Dunn, professional ASL interpreter since 1972. Also includes additional information and links to other Deaf / ASL / interpreting sites.
  • Ohio Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf - Information on our organization and leadership, sign language interpreting, and interpreting and Deafness-related events in Ohio and beyond.
  • SIGN with your BABY - SIGN with your BABY teaches hearing parents how to begin two-way communication with their hearing babies through sign language before their infants can speak. Using our instructional products - starting with toddlers as young as 6-8 months - you will have all the tools necessary to sign with your baby.


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